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Yellow Light/No dialtone
Last Updated 2 years ago

A yellow light or loss of dialtone can occur due to the following causes:
  • degraded or lost internet connectivity
  • restrictive firewall rules
  • HH Maintenance Window (servers under maintenance)
  • incorrect credentials
  • high latency (>= 400ms)
  • IP blocking (which can be caused if you disturb your login credentials in the phone)
Some possible solutions to try before opening a ticket:
  • reboot your cable modem then your router
  • check connecting network cables
  • review firewall rules. Ensure your phone can get OUT on these ports: UDP 69, TCP 5060-5064. Make sure you FORWARD these ports INBOUND to your phone's LAN IP UDP 10000-20000.
  • If all fails, try placing your Phone in the DMZ of your network, and test (DO NOT leave it in the DMZ, this is just for troubleshooting!)
  • If HH is doing maintenance, we will do our best to announce it ahead of time, but check the FB group for announcements.
  • Reboot your phone
If all else fails, open a support ticket and someone will help you.

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