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02. What do I need to join Hamshack Hotline?
Last Updated 7 months ago

When requesting a new HH number on the HHUS, HHX, HHUX, HHEU, or HHAP network, we will need the following info to process your request:

  • callsign
  • phone model
  • phone MAC address*

*If requesting a sofphone, you do not need to put a MAC address, simply put Softphone in the MAC address feild.

Please keep in mind that we are processing a large number of requests. We are an all volunteer team and have jobs as well as families. Please do not submit duplicate requests. Login and view the status of your ticket. If status is open, we will get to your ticket in the order it was received. The typical time frame is within 3 to 5 days at this time for any of the servers.

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